When time to take off clothes comes, the low self-assessment and shyness sometimes win against our appeal. And sometimes it is necessary to feel the queen of sensuality to make an impression on darling. Any guide to seducing will tell you: the atmosphere is almost also important, as well as the relation between partners! And if you are determined to take off own clothes and to undress the darling to surprise him, to kindle passion, and, subsequently, to have wild sex, then music is a fundamental element. First of all, you have to learn how to perform a beautiful striptease: slow movements, naughty views, sexy underwear… Having watched videos offered by us, you will be able to gather the necessary ideas or you can go and watch live girls performing strip shows. We asked webcam girls who perform on Jasminelive what was the most used song by them while they do live strip shows. We wanted to leave from the banal and worn-out options and to make the exhaustive guide of songs for an ideal striptease. In our list are collected, probably, not absolutely typical compositions, but those which will not leave you indifferent.

1. Beyonce – Dance For You

She hesitates, take a chair and merge with him, – here to what Beyonce teaches you in this intensive course of a striptease. In the clip the beautiful stranger in her execution surely rushes into office of the hero during a storm to remain for a long time. Her hot and passionate dance is created to lodge in his thoughts and to dement.

2. The XX – Islands

The discography of these performers is filled with subjects of passionate love, and melodies are ideal for an elegant striptease. The song ®Islands¯ – a good example of that, it – real, live and sensual, and surely will help you to open the feelings fully!

3. Disclosure – Latch

According to several musical critics, this song is called the most successful and the sexiest in 2014. Its rhythm is ideal for dance when you throw off from yourself clothes. But be careful, on the last notes the real fire can break out.

4. Nelly Furtado – Promiscious girl

One of the most memorable songs by Nelly Furtado whom she let out after stunning world success in 2006. In this composition everything is simple and clear: you want – take and do. Never you should refuse to yourself pleasure.

5. The Weeknd – Earned it

In our selection it is impossible to do without soundtrack to the movie “Fifty shades of grey” from which at one thought at many temperatures already increases. Though if you watch the clip, it, certainly, will bring some more hot scenes in your moneybox of the ideas.

6. Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie

In this song the faultless appearance in a suit we are conquered by Justin Timberlake. It is one of their sexiest songs of our list, but it seems to me that it is suitable for a male striptease, truly more? Therefore, tell the man to put on a suit and, probably, after viewing this video, he will want to show that it is capable to melt the passion even the coldest ice of your heart.

7. Britney Spears – Gimme More

Britney Spears is also ready to train you in this song in several sexual tricks. If in your apartment there is no bar counter or a pole – it does not matter, just dare to be fond of a music rhythm, and awaken the fallen asleep sexual animal long ago.

8. Jessie Ware – Say You Love Me

Ideal option for adherents of romantic sex. Light candles, lay the partner on a bed and communicate by means of touches. You learn to feel and understand each other without words, include imagination, sense of smell and look for darling to the touch, remembering all bends of a desired body. Slowly take off clothes in gentle and romantic dance, opening for themselves new sides of pleasure.

9. Michael Buble – Feeling Good

The main task of this dance is to show to your partner that you feel very well. Follow a rhythm of music and enjoy process, the sexiest people are able to appreciate every moment and radiate self-confidence. It is traced in each their word and the movement of a body.

10. Robin Thicke – Give it 2 U

If in the dance you want to show to the partner what your body is capable of, and at the same time seek to look sexually and brightly – then this song the fact that it is necessary for you. Probably, acrobatics – your fad, and in sex you prefer poses in which it is necessary to sweat fairly. In this case and the prelude in the form of a striptease has to be corresponding and promising.

11. Rihanna – S&M

Rihanna is a girl who is ready to train the audience not just open for experiments, but also is perfect without complexes. Courageous admirers of sex – toys, sadomasochist sex will find in its works the fine ideas for warm creations of the corresponding atmosphere. If you from those partners who well know each other also are ready to be let in the frankest depths of love passion, then this courageous song has to be to the taste to you.

12. Aerosmith – Crazy

If you love classics and are convinced that your partner likes fate, then safely choose this song for the love dance. But be careful, any madness can end very unexpectedly and at the most inappropriate moment.

13. Ciara – Body Party

When you watch this video, in the head the same thought rushes: sexually, sexually, sexually… Create erotic dance which will correspond completely to rhythms of this song, and you subdue the partner the charisma and grace.

14. Beyonce – Drunk In Love

 Looking at incomparable Beyonce who shows graceful movements in this dance on the beach, it is possible to think only of how Jay-Z was lucky. But on their place there can be everyone, only desire and self-confidence is necessary. And you even should not remove a set of doubles because, repeating movements of the singer, you will manage to reach the man from the first.

15. Peggy Lee – Fever

For those who love classics and respects experience of generations, it is necessary to pay attention to this song. In her there are a sexuality, rhythm, laconicism and completeness of the narration, – in a word, everything to enter this night bright paints in the saturated book of your relationship.